Промышленные ножи

Промышленные ножи

LLC «Promtekhzapchast» manufactures and supplies industrial knives of various sizes, from different steels, according to your drawings.


Industrial knives are an indispensable part of production equipment. They are responsible for the quality of work of woodworking equipment, crushing units, metal cutting machines and so on. That is, we can conclude that the woodworking, metallurgical and even pulp and paper industries work with the help of such devices. This is not the only purpose of industrial knives; in addition, they are used in the field of plastic processing, printing, agriculture, and even in the food industry.

Industrial type knives are used very widely and in different equipment, respectively, they can have a different shape and size. Such knives are made of high quality materials, the main raw material for the manufacture of such knives is durable steel, capable of withstanding extremely high loads. Despite the fact that industrial knives differ significantly in many respects, they are classified precisely according to their purpose.

Subspecies of industrial knives:

  • guillotine knives which are used in the metallurgical field. With the help of such knives, more precisely, with the help of the equipment in which they are installed, metal is cut;
  • chipping knives are used in the woodworking and pulp and paper industries. With the help of such knives, technological chips are produced, that is, chipper knives are elements of chippers;
  • chipping knives are designed for the manufacture of wood chips, in addition, they are used to cut wood.
  • circular knives — can be used on equipment for various purposes, but it is worth noting that circular knives can have different diameters. Knives with a diameter of 400 to 600 millimeters are considered standard, but if a person needs knives of a different diameter, then they can be made to order.

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In addition, there is a separate category of knives for the manufacture of plywood. The field of application of industrial knives also affects other industries, for example, working with plastics. With the help of industrial knives for plastics, the process of granulation and grinding of plastics, as well as its waste, takes place. Milling knives are separated into a separate category of industrial knives, which are designed for processing a wooden surface. Such knives are used in the furniture industry, since they can be used to make furniture elements.


Another large category of industrial knives are utility knives for different types of machine tools. Such knives are used in machine tools for rubber processing, textile processing, tobacco processing, paper making, hide processing and so on. Machines for processing meat and producing food packages also operate with industrial knives.